Monday, April 7, 2014

6 Days of Biking

So far I've ridden everyday in my quest to get on the bike for 30 straight days.  It has been pretty easy, but this weekend was a bit of a let down in terms of my rides.  Sunday I had some work related stuff that I needed to take care of so I figured I'd build my ride around that since it was scheduled for the middle of the day - so I rode to and from the meeting.  Not bad.

That meant Saturday would be my mountain biking day.  And since I hadn't been hitting the trails lately, I was jonesing for something substantial.    That meant either USNWC or Lake Norman.  At first I was thinking USNWC because I felt like I hadn't ridden there in forever... but then recent reviews on some changes and the fact that I'd have to renew my pass ($40) made my desire to head over there wane a bit.  Lake Norman would surely provide the miles I wanted, and it's free, so a winner was crowned.

Saturday rolled around and Annie informed me that she and Andrew were throwing me a party that evening, so they gave me a deadline for my return.  Part of the party would involve a fire in our outdoor fireplace, which is awesome.  However, that part of the yard needed some post winter attention so I volunteered to give a hand before I went to ride.  I like yard work.  I mean, it's not something I necessarily look forward to, but once I'm getting stuff done I enjoy it... and I tend to find more to do... so naturally my time frame for riding dwindled.  Ok, so change of plans, I'd ride Sherman (much closer, and quicker) so that I could get everything done that needed to get done.  As I'm about to leave Annie tells me that I can't go yet because she has a gift for me in her car that I would see if I left - so I have to wait around until she heads back out before I can take off... I find more work to keep myself busy with.

Once I'm freed to leave I grab everything and pack up the pterodactyl.  I hustle on over to the trail and check the air pressure on the Glow Worm when it dawns on me... I didn't grab my shoes.  Frustration levels explode in my head as I pack up and head back home.  Will I have enough time to turn back around and get back to the trail for a hot lap and then back to the house to shower before people arrive??  It would be super close, and probably not a reality.  So I have to settle for a road ride of sorts.  I grab the Meuse and hit the streets with a bit of anger in my blood.  I wanted dirt!!

My temper tantrum subsides as I roll along, as is the magic of riding a bike.  It was a "make it up as you go" ride, so nothing spectacular.  The weather was great so people were everywhere.  I wanted to avoid the bike path because of that fact, but got suckered into hitting a section of it anyway - SLOW.  It took me through a park where there was a tree climbing championship going on.  Sounds much cooler than it was so I didn't hang around for it.  

Then it was back home to get ready for the party.  Annie's gift to me, some sweet chairs we had seen at an antique store that would go great on the patio I have yet to build outside the Bike Haven.  Food was grilled, beers were drank, the fire was furious, and we played some amazing game for which I forget the name.  Great times.

So although my rides weren't epic, I guess you could say my weekend overall was.

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