Monday, April 21, 2014

not a great start

Last week.  Built some shelves, rode some bikes, pretty decent week off I suppose.  Except for the rain.  Lots o' rain.

Last night.  Crazy anxiety riddled dream where I was trying to survive in a world where undead/vampire/werewolf type people were among us but you couldn't tell who was "good" or "bad" so I was trying to decipher who I could trust, and who I had to try to get away from/kill.  So I woke up from a fitful night not feeling too excited about going to work.  Then again, when am I ever excited about going to work after a break?

I pull the vertical shed I bought over the weekend at Home Depot out of the pterodactyl single handedly.  Push it down the driveway into the backyard.  The pterodactyl won't start.  No matter how I push the clutch in - nothing.  The radio and all that jazz comes on, but it won't turn over.  Almost leave in Annie's go-kart when I realize I don't have my keys for work (always in the pterodactyl do I don't forget them) so I grab then and leave.

Bright side.  I DIDN'T forget my keys and actually got to work early.

Downer.  More rain coming.

I don't have it in me for more.  Tomorrow I will talk about some good experiences and some bad experiences I had riding last week.  For those in Massachusetts, enjoy the day off and watch the marathon, or better yet go ride your bike equal to or greater than the marathon (distance or time, rider's choice).

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