Wednesday, April 16, 2014

vacation sleeping

Wow did I sleep in today!!

Thought about not posting today, but then I saw this!!

How that got to be in the group of rotating mountain bike pictures on the home page for the Tarheel Trailblazers' website I have no idea.  But it was funny enough to share.  So there you have it.

Since I'm here, let's get a quick update on how I'm doing with 30 Days of Biking.  I've ridden everyday.  Most rides are pretty legit.  I have done a few quick around the neighborhood rides, which I'm not super proud of, but hey - I try to get in at least 10 miles on those...  Friday I traveled up to the campsite straight from work.  I had hoped that we would ride our bikes down to The Hub, thus killing two bees with one stone - bikes and beers.  But nope.  As soon as I arrived we hoped in vehicles and drove over.  So it was up to me to do a quick loop around the campsite (not campground) in order to get my 30 seconds of biking in.  

That was by far my worst "riding" this April.  Monday, my first day of April break, I planned on some city riding/greenway riding to just get my legs going after the weekend.  Predicted rain kept me hemming and hawing about route, and crappy movies/shows on TV kept me on the couch.  Eventually Annie came home (early) and knew that I would be not happy with myself if I didn't get out for a decent ride.  She decided for me.  Sherman Branch.  

It wasn't a greenway ride, but Annie made the decision and got the ball rolling for me so I went for it.  I left the 20 on the Glow Worm and went for a ride.  My damn seat post kept sliding down on me after having dropped it when I headed down Black Mountian.  This seat post slippage has been a pain in my ass for way too long.  I stopped 3 times to adjust it on my ride on Monday.  Stopped 3 times and still got my fastest time out there.  So that means a couple things happened on that ride.  

I tried to hard for a ride that was originally going to be an easy greenway ride.

I haven't ridden out there hard enough.

I've gotten stronger/faster.

I'll accept all three of those I suppose.  

Tuesday was supposed to be our social ride, but the rain shut it down.  We were going to do an urban version, but life shut that down for a couple people so I officially shut it down.  That left me building shelves with no ride plan.  Before it got dark I hoped on the Silk Worm (Meuse) and headed over to the CM for some provisions.  

What will I do today, who knows.  It looks nice out, but I know the trails are a mess.  I think it's going to be cooler today than it has been (60s, nope, just checked - 50s) so maybe today will be an aimless city/greenway ride.  But first, I have to be lazy a little bit more - I'm on break!!

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