Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get it over with already

Ok, I've got to get through this recap already... I'm starting to feel like The Mutt with this slow roll of info.

So where was I?  Ah yes, the promise of beer.  We rolled through NoDa, which probably wasn't too strange of a site for people to see around 100 cyclist passing by, and got to our final destination.  Where there was beer!

We were in an open park with a cyclocross course taped off.  I didn't ride the course, but from watching the riders it was tough!  They came through flying on the first lap, and by the second it looked like EVERYONE was dying.  The park itself is basically the side of a hill, so there was just a little elevation in the course.

Just a reminder of how much riding there is so close to uptown... even if it is a hijacked cyclocross course

And not to be outdone by the other stages - riders still had a little fun through the air on this one.

The "Beer Me" interlude

And the grande finale

Nik was out there doing his thing all day

One last quick meeting before things get really crazy... it's about time to party!

Beer was flowing freely at the party. 

Ties were broken

Underwear shown for drinking speed

Yes, he does have underwear on his hands

And winners were crowned

Like last year, trophies were kickass

3st - Thirst

And I even came out with some schwag

Everyone got a pint glass - SWEET!

I got some Maxxis love for the Meuse

To quickly recap - the Tour de Charlotte was bikes, beer, and fun. 

Why weren't you there?

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