Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fare Thee Well

Today is the day.

The 4300 will meet it's new owner.

My after school meeting went long yesterday so I wasn't able to participate in a special edition Tuesday Social... so I got in one last spin on the 4300.  I made final adjustments, got the shifting as smooth as I could, and cleaned it up.  Wow does it look different when it's clean!!  Then, I took it out for a spin around the neighborhood to make sure everything was good to go.  Shifting was good for the most part, with a few glitches here and there, so I tinkered a bit more to make some post ride adjustments... hopefully that will have things straightened out (fingers crossed).

It felt kinda strange.  But, at the same time, cruising through the neighborhood shifting my brains out felt kinda nice too.  Going from the Glow Worm to the 4300 put me in a totally different body position (I raised the handlebars back up to be a bit more beginner friendly) and the seat was a bit low (which I left alone since the buyer is shorter than myself) which were obvious differences as I pedaled around.  Overall, it kinda felt like I was on a BMX bike.  Fun, but different.

The 4300 got me hooked.  It was a bike that I could throw anything at without worry.  These days it has been sitting unused, and would have been relegated to paved streets and grocery gathering if it remained in the Bike Haven.  For it's new owner, it will be the key to unlock the amazingness of mountain biking...  So yeah, that sounds like a much better role to me.  Thank you Annie for getting me the 4300 in the first place, I'm sure you had no idea where it would lead!

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