Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ultimate Pay Off

DuPont - where every climb is rewarded by a SUPER sick descent.

Seriously, I don't think there is a bad trail in the place... not that I rode everything there, but what we did ride was magnificent!!

I don't recall all the trails we rode, but I do remember something about a Hooker in there...  two that I do recall were the Airstrip downhill and the Ridgeline downhill that ended the ride... there was one sweet section before the final climb to the Ridgeline as well...  seriously, get out there - you can't go wrong!!

Ok, so I didn't realize that today is Thursday, which means I have to get moving (more to come about that next week) so this is a short recap - sorry!!  Enjoy the pictures... worth 1,000 words and whatnot.

View from the top of the first big climb - which was mostly slickrock

Creek crossing, had to shed the shoes and walk across... the water was FREEZING!!

View from the old airstrip - great view to take off to!

Half way up the falls.

Sean pointing it out so you don't miss it

From the bottom

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