Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stop whining!!

Stop F'n whining!!


People are going completely f'n mental on the local forum regarding a shortcut put in on a local trail.  If you like, you can check out the action.  Or, I can save you the time.  A short cut was put in and now people are going nuts.  I get it.  There is a certain level of pride associated with this trail - it's hard.  It doesn't avoid terrain, it uses it.  I appreciate that to the fullest.

I also get that yeah, not all trail networks need to cater to beginner riders.  We are fortunate enough to have a ton of trails around - so beginners can ride here and there, and work their way up to the more difficult trails.  Makes sense.

BUT.  To go nuts because a short cut was added is a bit much.  Nothing was detracted.  We can all ride the full trail and smash a PBR after to earn all the hipster points we need.  Here is the kicker.  I rode the trail for the first time today after reading some of the virtual poo flinging and I can get why some people would rather not ride this section.  I'm not going to skip it personally... but I can see why it isn't appealing.  It is a grid - legit square grid of.... how shall we say...  well I'm not sure what it is.  Best description (sorry I didn't grab a photo) would be tiny rail road tracks sans cross beams that are raised above the surrounding swamp.  In reality - seems like a tight grid network of sewers... hence the Poo Tracks moniker.

So yeah, its interesting.  But after crossing back and forth down these poo tracks you kinda just want to get on with the ride.... I get it.  But, it's a unique feature for sure, so it's part of the trail system.  Will putting in a short cut around this make the entire trail that much easier that beginners will start flooding the trails... HELL F'N NO.  People really need to stop flipping out man and start riding the trail.

As I type this someone added a poo track segment for strava.... awesome.  I'm guessing it's a passive aggressive move - as nothing of the trail shows up on strava.... whatever.

All I know is that I loved it out there.  So much reminded me of riding back up north.  Just trails kicking your ass.  I actually had to work out there, and work I did (as well as I could on tired legs).  But it's a trail that will certainly bring me back for more.  To work harder to clean the sections I couldn't quite conquer on my first time out.

I did manage to take a few pictures while out there... certainly not enough though.  Right off the bat I was loving how the trail was "carved" out of the surrounding vines that invaded the ground... it looked awesome!

For any features they had, and they had a handful, they were marked and had an alternate - which was nice.  Some of them probably didn't need the alternate - but again that returns us to the argument above... so we'll stay away from commentary there.

looks as though most ride the feature... as you should, it's nice and wide.

another sweet, wide log/tree ride

I just love old cars in the woods.... dunno why?

Come on, that's just an easy one!

new stuff
Loch Ness perhaps?

Steeper ramp than it appears
I'll tame it soon enough

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