Monday, October 1, 2012

it sucks

Trail closures... I don't know what else to say other then they suck.

Poplar closes for good today*

I only got to ride there twice - and that is a damn shame.  Certainly wasn't enough time to really master the trails there.  Hell, on my last ride I totally blanked and for the ENTIRE ride I had convinced myself that somehow I missed the Gravity Cavity... yeah, I hadn't.  Dunno why, buy I was certain it was towards the front end of the loop.... yeah, it's not.

So of course I hadn't missed it, instead I enjoyed it in it's full glory for the first time.  The first time I hit the trail I opted to ride around (which was fun in itself) but being my last ride EVER I hit it up and wished I hadn't missed out on my first ride.

ripped from TheMutt
Got to see Minnie again.  I was unable to bring her treats - we didn't bring any of the dog food stuffs with us on the move since we don't have the dogs with us yet.  But she was happy to drink water from my bottle again.  Such a sweet dog - who will she hang out with everyday without the constant stream of riders visiting?

I was only able to get in one lap on my final visit as I had to get up to our storage unit to grab the last of our stuff so we could close out the account up there.  I just BARELY got everything in the pterodactyl.  Things were so crammed that I had to take apart a step stool to get it in.  Professor Second-Guess much preferred the ample seating of the U-Haul.  Now he has a new home in the Bike Haven overseeing the One9 build.

The One9 shows up on Tuesday (fingers crossed).  I am beyond excited.  I asked Annie last night what I should name it, or if I should even name it.  The HiFi is just the "HiFi"... but my Madone is "Georgia."  Do I stick with One9?  Annie suggested "Slimer," cause of the color of course.  I think that would be shooting myself in the foot with a name like that - it just sounds slow.  Over the course of the build I'm sure I'll be hit with some inspiration - or maybe I'll have to hold out for the first few test rides....  but I'll keep a list running.

*So I think yesterday was the last day to ride... but maybe you can ride today since it is the 1st?  I dunno...

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