Monday, October 15, 2012

First rule of riding at the USNWC

Check to see what the hell is going on over there.  Other than being pretty finicky with closing down trails, they hold a lot of different events.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing!!  The place rocks - a dedicated place to get people off their asses and enjoying the outdoors - I can get down with that!!

Saturday I made plans to meet up with Sean at the USNWC to do a bit of riding.  When I arrive the parking lot is full.  There are people with dogs all over the place and I noticed some tape up and a water station on the trail as I drove in....  hmmmmm.

I met up with Sean and gave him the proper amount of shit for picking these trails... but whatever was going on had gone off earlier in the morning so we hoped that would mean the trails would be pretty clear of racers/runners/dogs.

Over all a pretty good ride... except for the fact that my bike was determined to drop gears and pop like a maniac whenever I had to stomp up a climb.  BLARG!!  Not at all what I need right now.

Sunday I tinkered around to see what I could do to get things back to working smoothly... yeah, I dunno.  Couldn't get it smoothed out and can't quite tell if the hanger is slightly bent (enough to throw things off) or not...

So I guess it's to the LBS to see if they can get it righted for the trip to Pisgah and Dupont this week/weekend.  The shop I've been frequenting isn't open on Mondays of course, so this will give me a chance to try someone new.  I'm hoping to just need a quick derailleur adjustment... but looks to me like I might need to get new cables.... I was hoping to wait until AFTER the trip to get a complete tune-up... so we'll see what I can do to make sure the trip is good.

One gear sounds awfully nice right now - no playing with temperamental derailleurs.

I'll be enjoying camp fires and bikes.... but hopefully not bikes IN camp fires....

Camp fire at Minnesota Mountain Bike Summit
"Me riding through fire. Not a good idea" - gwhawes 

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