Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Full of surprises

I got out for a ride yesterday, and to my surprise there were quite a few cars in the lot!!  Oh yeah... Columbus Day - totally missed THAT one!

Yesterday was a chilly one to say the least.  Not so chilly to require a long sleeve jersey or anything of that nature - but I was sporting a hoodie on the way to the trail.

During my first lap I met our smallest local hero!!  No, I'm not talking about Dicky - what?  He claims to be 4 (maybe 3.5) apples high!!

No, I'm talking about the famed, the mysterious, the mythical creature of Sherman Branch - the WHITE SQUIRREL!!

What does he look like??  Well, let me tell you.  He looks just like a regular squirrel (same size, same nut hunting pre-occupation) except white.

How did I spot him?  I dunno.  I wasn't hunting for him, that is for sure.  Perhaps it's the fact that he's freakin snow white in a dead leaf kingdom.  So as my retina was burned by the searing pure white coat I guess something clicked and I stopped.  I snapped a few Big Foot-esque pictures.

Searching for nuts- that little scamp!

Pausing... wondering if he should run or continue business as usual

It was business as usual

PROOF!!  Undeniable proof bitches!!

So, yeah that was pretty surprising.  The other surprise came on lap 2.  When my feet started hurting.  Or were they?  At first I thought it was foot pain - as pretty much all of me was aching due to recent inactivity... legs were burning, back was aching, why not the feet?  But on second thought and further concentration I determined that my feet were COLD!!  What the what??  I guess I'm not ready to admit that temps do in fact dip down south.  Nothing a pair of wool socks won't take care of.

But it makes me wonder what the riding will be like out west in them there hills... base layers people, bring the base layers!!  Not this weekend, but NEXT weekend I'll be out in Pisgah with a bunch of WV boys.

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