Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prep time

Dropped the HiFi off yesterday morning to get the rear derailleur squared away... fingers crossed it was a quick simple fix - should be able to pick it up this afternoon.

I decided to start getting my stuff together for the camping trip.  We aren't exactly ruffing it - the place we are camping has heated showers, toilets, and even electricity and WiFi at the sites!!  The last time I was camping it was along the Appalachian trail - so pretty primitive.  I'm not exactly sure what I'll need in this luxurious site (hot water and showers.... money!!).  As you can see, got my tent, tarp(s), and sleeping bag and pad.  Bringing my sweet ass WWII folding-shovel that has a permanent home in the pterodactyl as my "parking spot shovel".*  A hatchet and hack saw for fire wood gathering - dead fallen trees only, no worries, I was a Boy Scout.  Paper towels - always be prepared.  Pot, bowls, cups and sporks.   Some rope - again, always be prepared.  First aid kit (actually the kit I carry in my CamelBak).  And, and extension cord?  Well, there is electricity at the sites... might as well charge my phone, camera, light, etc. (not pictured but surely coming, toiletries (including TP), chair, flashlight, knife, batteries, and of course clothes and whatnot)

I'm gonna bring the Drift along, so hopefully I'll get some good footage of the ride... speaking of, I need to figure out if I'm going to mount it on the helmet (I need to readjust the angle if so) or see if I can get a mount done up that is a bit more centered on the bars.  I'll have to figure that out today.  I don't think we are going to do any night riding... but I'll probably bring my light along just in case.

Of course, none of my bike stuff is pictured... same old same old.  But I'll probably start getting that together today as well.  If I get the HiFi back early enough hopefully I can get a ride in (weather permitting) somewhere local.

The plan is to leave early Thursday with Sean, maybe stop somewhere on the way to get a ride in, and then check into the camp site around 3-4 pm.  Get everything situated, wait for a bunch of other guys to show up, and get supplies.  Friday - ride, then out to Asheville for dinner and meet up with another rider meeting us in Asheville.  Saturday - ride.  Sunday, possibly a ride before heading back to Charlotte, we'll play that one by ear.

Of course all along the way there will be fire, beer, food, songs and jokes of an inappropriate and immature nature... oh, and s'mores.

I'm super psyched to get out to Pisgah and Dupont.  Stuff is legendary.  I'm very interested to see how the trails stack up to the myth - and how my NE upbringing will prepare me.  I'm just hoping the weather is kind to us this weekend.  So far it's looking good!

* parking spot shovel - in the mean streets of Southie one had to dig out their own spot... some would even claim said spot for days, even weeks, after a snow event.  Most of the time I just backed up onto a snowbank or gunned it over the wall of snow built by the plows.  But, for those times that even the pterodactyl couldn't best the snow... this little guy did the trick - it even has a pick feature that was great for destroying ice walls!

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