Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm exhausted.
I had a great weekend of biking, grabbing food and playing games with friends, and heckling. Even though I have stuff to share, my energy level is low so I don't feel like getting into it. Perhaps because it's going to be a long week. Perhaps because I have to start formulating plans for this weekend (Snake.3 and a trip to Athens).

In any case, I'm keeping it short and light today.

In case you aren't aware, people like to argue on the internerd.
Sometimes it's entertaining. Sometimes people take things a little too far and their ignorance and/or intolerance starts to show. I was following one such "debate" and just couldn't take it anymore. The level of insanity that people were going to with their statements was unbelievable so I reached out with a neat little skill I think everyone should practice while perusing the net. 

Remember, we are all entitled to our views, no matter how asinine you think someone's point of view is, it's their life - they are free to live/ruin it any which way they please. After all, nothing they are posting on Facebook has any bearing on the real world so just let it go and move on. And in all reality, the internerd is not the appropriate setting for an effective debate. 

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