Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow fake out = short post

Ok.  So everything didn't go all to hell like the nervousness I saw yesterday predicted.... so I don't have much today.  I was led to believe there was no way we'd be in here today - thus I did not build blog time into my schedule this morning.  So here is half a post... or the first half - to be finished up tomorrow.

I've been wearing the same bike shoes (for all my biking needs) since I got back on the bike in... 2009.  They've served me well, but as of late (oh since last race season) I've been needing new shoes.  Stitching has been coming undone, wear and tear, horrible smell, etc etc.  For the past few seasons I've been casually looking at what shoes I'd upgrade to.  I knew I wanted something with a ratcheting buckle up top to keep things extra snug as all I was working with was velcro - kinda made me feel like a kindergartner in a sea of 3rd graders.  As I was pulling on my shoes prior to the start of Snake.2 this happened.

The tongue ripped off my left shoe.  Not that that is a total game changer, but it was enough to coax me along in this whole getting new shoes business.  

After I got home from the race I got a discount email - all bikers get them.  Multiple emails from various companies and sites with their latest and greatest deals and discounts.  Well, it was time to settle in the internerd landscape to find me a sweet deal.  And a sweet deal I did find!  I will give you one hint before I unveil my beauties tomorrow.  If you study the picture above, and mash up what you see, you will have a pretty good idea of what is to come.

Oh, the excitement is unbearable!  If only I had snapped some pictures when my new shoes arrived, darn it!

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