Monday, February 17, 2014

We survived!

Well, we survived the storm. Had myself a nice 5 day weekend, because of which I'm back at school today (pre-snow, we would have had no school today).  As crazy as 3 days off because of the storm sounds, it was a good call. Before I got the call that Friday was cancelled I was sure we would be back for Friday. Since my day was cancelled I went out to shovel a bit. I was shocked when I didn't go through the snow as I walked outside - everything had frozen solid. All the side streets (which had never seen a plow) were now rock solid rutty/icy messes. I sent Annie to work in the pterodactyl. Not that it's 4-wheel drive would do anything on ice, but that it would better manage the ice ruts versus her civic. Once she got on main roads everything was completely clear and dry.

Having the snow days also coincided with a bit of a stomach bug for me, which I suppose is fortunate because I hate missing work. This way my illness didn't prevent me from work, since you know, there was no work. The time off is going to be hell on my schedule though since we are in the middle if junior meetings - all that rescheduling has taken over the first week of March. Ah well. 

The time off has allowed me to think a little more about my season. Especially my fitness. So much so that I actually jumped on the trainer. Did you know a bike stand makes a wonderful iPhone holder while you spin?

It was nice being back on the trainer I suppose. Only bummer was that my speed/cadence wasn't getting picked up. The sensor was indicating that it was registering the magnets, my garmins sensed everything, but no stats. So my ride was focused on heart rate rather than cadence. Suppose that's ok. 

Anyway. Today after work I'm hitting the gym. Haven't been working out at all, in forever, so it's time to get back into shape overall. Now don't you get worried, I'm not getting on any strict/no-fun training regime here. But I am going (to try) to get a little more focused on doing more in terms of fitness and riding. Taking bets on how long that will last...

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