Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wonky Links

Got my Ferris wheel in the mail yesterday!  But, it was the wrong Ferris wheel. It looked strange when I opened the package...

then I rechecked the order - somehow the drop down for the mountain bike single speed cog connected my order for a track cog...  No fit, no likely.

The good thing, great customer service. I called (and I HATE talking on the phone) and within minutes I got a return code with a new correct cog on it's way to me. BIG sigh of relief as I was figuring they would have to receive my cog back before they were going to send the new one. So I'm happy things are moving quickly to remedy the situation. 

I'll likely have to run out and get a new chain for the new cog. So I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival as I need to get used to spinning my ass off on this thing before Snake.3 is here!!

So, big thanks to the guys at Tree Fort Bikes for quickly fixing the mistake. I do like no mistakes the first time, but I should have also reviewed my order instead of assuming it was correct, so I get some blame there for sure. Just super glad they know how to make things right!  

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