Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Loco Lime is dead to EVERYONE

After weeks of our Tuesday night social ride being cancelled by shitty weather TheMutt put out the call for an urban ride since the trails would once again be closed. I was ready to ride over to the Kickstand but decided to text TheMutt to see about the chances of us actually riding since it had again started drizzling and it was frankly quite cold. I decided to instead drive over with my bike "just in case," well knowing the ride wasn't going to happen. Straight to the food and beer with some good people - not a bad alternative!

As I pull in TomTom smiled and told me to go inside and check out the sign at Loco Lime (which is was attached to the Kickstand). 

"You made us.  You kept us going"

If you recall I had a little "experience" at Loco Lime this summer. 

I don't really know what to say. 

Thank you. 

I really had no clue that I had become such an internerd juggernaut. Thank you for giving me the power to crush that which needed crushing. My only hope is that this power will not corrupt my heart and soul. I pledge to you, my loyal readers, to go forth and wield this mighty power with compassion and precision. Know this; I will work tirelessly to right those wrongs that destroy the hopes and dreams of children, that keep new riders from truly experiencing the amazing "reset button" power which is mountain biking, and those who keep us hungry/thirsty after an adventure with friends. 

I will do all of this for you. Selflessly. From here, behind my computer/phone screen.  Blogging. 

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