Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Internerd garbage

People messing around on forums isn't new. Sometimes they are intentionally trying to push people's buttons, sometimes they are trying to inappropriately pedal their product/crap.

One of the "groups" I'm part of on the facebooks deals with local bike stuff for sale (go figure). It's a more direct and effective way to buy/sell quality bikes/parts then craigslist... unless you want stolen stuff, then get over to craigslist. Anyway, from time to time people sneak into the group and try to sell, or just post up info about, something completely unrelated to bikes. It used to be some woman who "had a hook up" on designer sneakers...  She was a blast. 

Last night a new pioneer joined the group. 

(Names not protected because no one is innocent on the internerds)

I was the first to stumble upon the post, so of course I had to say something. 

I was supported (hence the likes) and then I almost died. I completely lost it when I read the next post. It was lost on Annie, she looked at me like I was crazy, but she did enjoy the level of entertainment I was getting from the whole ordeal. 

Best post EVER. Annie's mom got it, so I'm not crazy. But I thought I'd share since it's a half day (motivation very low) and I woke up to the sound of rain. Very cold rain I'm sure. Hopefully reading the interchange on the facebooks gives you a little chuckle to warm your belly. 

Ron cracks me up!

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