Monday, December 2, 2013

Double check

Sunday's planned ride out in the mountains didn't happen because D-Wayne had the sniffles. In all honesty, no one wants to be out on the bike for hours with a whole bunch of nonsense going on in their head*, so I completely understand. But me being me, I took the lazy man's way out and did a bunch of nothing all day... Kind of a bummer actually.

I did get to ride some over the holiday, but I of course should have ridden more. I did however notice that I had been incorrect in my assumption that I had set my garmins to track data every second. I swear I had set it that way long ago, but after my ride on Friday I decided to check for shits and giggles (and because I had been thoroughly mileage fucked again) and of course I found that it was not tracking every second... sooooo I corrected that. 

We shall see what this does to improve things in the mileage department.  Thanks goes out to Mark for commenting about the setting, causing me to double check things.

* I constantly have nonsense going on in my head... but that is along the lines of random thoughts and things that would only crack me up

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  1. I missed a good opportunity to ride here in CT on Sunday as well. Temps were in the upper 40s and I played Minecraft all morning and then had to clean the house for a dinner party Sunday evening. I basically got one ride in the whole time - I am such a putz!