Thursday, November 7, 2013


Got an email yesterday from the Brunswick Brawl. 

In my book, just plan kindness goes a long way, so getting an email like this locks in my return next year. It was a fun race and I was already excited about returning next year to see if I could improve my performance but I'll just say it now: I'm racing the Brunswick Brawl next year.

Now a thank you email doesn't seem earth shattering, but I would have to say that typically I don't receive an email (even if it is a mass email) after the vast majority of my races. But it is the fact that they took that extra step that counts. 

For the most part I find that mountain bikers are helpful, friendly people on the trails. I hope that this translates to our everyday lives as well. A simple "how are you?" on the trail is a sign of courtesy and commradary, no matter who the trail user is that you come across. But let's take that "how are you?" elsewhere. A simple "how are you?" or just "hi" and a smile to a stranger on the street, or in you isle at the grocery store, can honestly go a long way. 

You never know the type of day someone is having, or all the crap in their lives they are dealing with, and a simple and small gesture of kindness can go a long way to remind people that there is good in others. Think about it, most of the time (I will admit, sometimes people are creepy) when a stranger smiles you tend to instinctively react with a smile and you feel just a little stir of energy waking you up. 

As Annie would say: it's nice to be nice. 

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