Monday, November 18, 2013


The garmins lie. This isn't new. Mileage is always cheated when you rely on GPS data in twisting singletrack. But it sucks. 

Saturday I rode everything out at Lake Norman - which, according to the trail gnomes, should be 30 miles.  The garmins told me I rode 25.7 miles, bleh. 

I haven't been riding much as of late, so it was nice to get out and push myself. The trails were in great shape with just a little bit of rain the night before. I focused (at times) on pushing it in the corners more. Paying attention to cornering skills and looking ahead - and of course, laying off the breaks. 

Riding singlespeed out there is fun. There isn't really anything in the way of technical out there so it's rigid heaven. And the 32x18 is a pretty nice match for the climbing that is there. By the last couple miles my legs could really feel the effort they had put in throughout the ride and I was honestly just looking forward to seeing the parking lot. I'm going to have to get out there for a couple more full laps for two reasons. 1) I need to get mileage in as The Snake will be here sooner than later. 2) Direction of the trail switches at the new year and I am REALLY digging the trails in the direction. I'm pretty positive this is my favorite direction to ride the trails in - even though there is on steep pitch in this direction that I haven't been able to clean. 

Climbs never look bad in pictures, but with this one I can power up into the turn and then I stall out. Probably make it 3/4 of the way, just can't keep the cranks turning. Maybe before it becomes a downhill next year I can figure out a way to best it on the glow worm. 

On Sunday my body told me it wasn't happy with this "shock" to the system. I felt like an old man getting out of bed with aches.  I shook them off as I got up and going, but boy do I need to get back to riding regularly! 


  1. What kind of Garmin? My 705 and 800s are deadly accurate but granted, twisty and turny singletrack, especially ridden fast will cause it to rob you of your distance. If you are going to be riding something with a lot of detail, try switching your breadcrumbs to every second.

    1. I've got the 500 and already have it set to record every second. It must be that I'm just too fast ; )