Monday, November 25, 2013

Best laid plans and all

It's a two day week. Well, really a one and a half day week. I was planning on using the half day to my advantage and get a nice long ride in at Lake Norman after work, and then this happened...

I guess we are in for some freezing ran tonight and 2 + inches of rain on Tuesday. So, no riding for me on my half day. 


I've been loving me some Lake Norman. Hit it up again yesterday. Three things to recap. 

1.  Hooray, dropped a chain. But, it popped out to the outside of my cranks (first time ever) and was super easy to get back on. It did make me think though... It came off as I was powering up a slow turn to the left. During the 6 hour race when I dropped my chain twice in the same exact spot on the course, a power turn up to the left...  I wonder if there could be some flex leaving me vulnerable to a drop when I'm putting the power climbing and going left??  Or maybe my chain line is off just enough to really show in this situation. I'm also wondering if my slipping EBB was really due to the fact that I had a super tight chain line?  Since it skipped this last time I've left it looser than I had been and it seems to be doing fine - dropped chain but doesn't seem to have moved. 

2. I stalled at the same spot on that one steep climb. Dunno if I'll get it with the 18t before the trail switches direction with the new year. 

3. Crashed yesterday. 

Loose leaves can be dangerous. I had already felt the leaf induced slide a couple times prior but had been able to right myself and stay wheels down. Obviously my luck ran out and as I was flying around a corner I couldn't hold it. Got tangled up in the bike as I hit the ground - my leg was pinned between the bars and frame making it a little difficult to get undone with my face pressed into the ground. Because I was having difficulties clearing myself of the bike as I was going down I wasn't able to shield as much from impact. Face first into the ground. The helmet (and glasses) deflected the blow, but I still got my bell ring. I tried to push on, but had to drop the last loop - head was starting to hurt, felt like I was a bit sluggish in tracking the trail, and just a hint of nausea was coming on. Annie's mom was able to confirm that I did not have a concussion, so it's all good. Also came out with a classic hip raspberry. 

And a bonus 4. Those trails have me hooting and hollering!  Out of pure joy and from close calls as I seem to keep pushing it out there, which is good. You only get faster/improve bike handling by pushing yourself to that edge. See how fast you can take the corner, etc. But it's a blast out there for sure. 

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