Monday, June 10, 2013

still none

Weather and moving have done me in again.

But now, I am happy to report, we are COMPLETELY out of the rental and totally 100% into our permanent house as I cleared out everything yesterday.  That now means we have the daunting task of unpacking and organizing everything in new spots here in our home... yay.

Clearly, I did not race yesterday... I just told you I spent the day moving the last of our stuff over here, please pay attention.  So a new plan is hatching in my dome skull over here.  There will be some testing to see if I can support such an idea, but here it is:  I may just race the Glow Worm for the remainder of the season in Cat 3.  I know, I know.  But riding the GlowWorm fits me.  It's simple.  Maybe that means I'm simple too?  But in any case, I like it!

So my test will be this - the Whitewater Center with the 18t cog.  If I can get myself handling everything over there with the 18t then I will be racing everything for the remainder of the series with the 18t... well mostly everything.  I don't want to "default" race on the 20t, but use the 20t if there is climbing demands, which I don't think there really is on many of the courses??  Anyway, riding the 18t at the Whitewater Center should get me up to par for much of what I might see on a course anyway.  I may or may not get to race 9 events in the series this season...

Supposedly this week it will get hotter and with a lesser chance of rain... so we will see if I will once again ride a bike.  And if I do get to ride my bike again, it will be the Glow Worm at the Whitewater Center obviously.  The other bike that will be seeing some love will be Georgia.  I need to get out on the road again.

I also need to construct a sign of sorts to help the multitude of people who ride through the neighborhood to understand the importance of wearing a helmet.  Seriously, it's great you threw a helmet on your child - but why you no where one?  Let me tell you, it's not because you have superior bike handling skills - I saw how you "handled" that intersection.  Oh, right, cause that 7 year old can raise themselves now.

Not a political statement, just the only picture I could find that fit.

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