Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Yesterday I got a package!!

It was from the friendly people over at Walz Caps.
Inside this package were two hats.

After getting my second dose of sunburn through my helmet a while back I knew it was time to get a cycling cap.  Why I waited this long to get them, I dunno... but I finally ordered them on Friday and they arrived on Monday - SUPER FAST!  

I figured I'd dip my toes into the cycling cap world with the HTFU series.  Ready for some scary head shots?  No, you aren't.  But here they are.

Good stuff all around.  They fit great, feel great, and look great.  I even wore the black one out to dinner last night - bill down of course.  I'm super excited (already) about the "State Caps Collection" they have started over at WalzCaps.  I've got to wait until they make one relevant to myself though... which gives them some options because I'd be good with Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, or Georgia - or any combination there of.

I'm hoping to get another package today; one containing my bleed kit so I can get the Glow Worm back up with some legit stopping power.  Then, there is a prospective order...

As you can see, this is Awesome, and I wants a kit.  The biggest decision to make is which cut/size.  I'm thinking I'll just go with the race cut - I mean, I've got to wear something (I think it's a rule or something) while racing the Glow Worm next year.

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