Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ready, Set,


Yesterday was the last day ay my job.  Yesterday evening was the first "meeting" for my new job.  I'm back in the schools and I'm SUPER PSYCHED!!  I'm trying not to get too excited, but so far everything about this school sounds great!  They are adding onto the school as we speak, which includes a sparkling new office for myself!  You might call it a "rebuilding" year on a lot of fronts for the school, so I'm excited to be able to start fresh there and build a program to best support or students and families.

Enough of that, let's get to the important stuff.  First off, they have a mountain bike club already!  I had planned on seeing if there would be interest in one, but I just found out they already have one, sweet!  Starting a mountain bike club was something I had been thinking about when I was back up in Massachusetts, but with the impending move on the horizon I never did it.  So I'll definitely get involved with that on some level.

There are also some local and VERY local trails to the school.  North Meck is just up the road, and Granja del Pescador (Fisher Farm) is local as well.  But, in the school's backyard is a long forgotten trail that seems to get very little love, Huntersville Athletic Park.  I got up for my meeting with some time to spare so I thought I would poke around a bit since the last review on was in 2011.

Well, they have a sign for them, so there has to be something there!  I went out for a walk to check out what was there and I was immediately surprised.  The trail was well taken care of and included some nice short elevation changes complete with roots!  About halfway through the first trail it dawned on me that I should be tracking the trail with my Strava phone app.  I waited until I got back to the parking lot because I had already bypassed some options and figured I'd have to go back in.  Plus, I didn't want my track to start in the middle of the woods.  Anyway, it was for exploration sake so I guess it didn't really matter, but I wanted a clearer idea of what I was working with.

Ok, from that view you can't see a damn thing.  The right loop is just that, but there was a sort of "sewer" line cut heading to the back of my new school... easy access?  But on the out and back towards 21 the trail just kinda petered out.  Looks like a great opportunity to either bushwhack to find the old trail, or blaze one myself.  Here is a better view of the opportunity using the strava track on the satellite view.

Looks like there would be room to explore between the neighborhoods and 21.  It's not a long trail by any means.  You can see I walked 1.5 miles.  Might be able to squeeze 2 from the existing stuff, and if I can "find" more between 21 and the neighborhoods we might be looking at 3-4?  Just might be a nice easy outing for the mountain bike club with enough in the trail to help kids work on some skills and techniques.

Oh yeah, and I'm on summer vacation now!!

Holla Atcha Boy


  1. I rode that trail a couple of years ago. Pretty fun, but it needed some work back then. I had forgotten about it until your post. I think I got almost four miles when I rode it.

  2. I'm thinking there is fun to be had out there!