Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Or rather, bike HAVEN.

It could wait no longer. Yesterday after work I got into the bike room and moved some things around so I could get to the task of cleaning out the Glow Worm's bottom bracket. Some grime had worked its way down there and I was starting to get that EBB groan.

With a wall full of leaning bikes and a double sink vanity that has no place in my bike room I set to work. As my buddy stated, I had everything I needed to make it a successful bike room.

Bike, stand, sweet toolbox, and possibly a cooler on top of it?  Looks perfect to me!  And that is all very true.  I should be so lucky to just have that space, the fact that I have an entire room to dedicate to such tom foolery is outstanding!

I had a lot of fun getting my hands dirty, and my bottom bracket clean. I don't know if it was the simplicity of the singlespeed, or the fact that I've already seen the Glow Worm as a frame, but I was very confident with the whole process. And, although the room is a mess currently, I know I'll enjoy spending time in my bike haven. I even started organizing the room a bit by going through boxes of "stuff" and utilizing the closet space in there to store bottles, tires and parts.  I even put a little art up!

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  1. Good stuff, I feel the same way on how simple it is to work on, I found that only an allen wrench is needed to get it all the way stripped to the headset.