Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pain is


Sunday night every time I took a step or flexed my foot it felt like my wound was tearing open.  After a night of sleep with my foot elevated and 3 butterfly bandages things are better.  I can walk and move without feeling like it is reopening.

Today we head to West Virginia to visit Annie's family and so I can meet my niece for the first time.  Originally I had thought about bringing a bike up, and Sean continues trying to persuade me to do so as he has friends in the area that can lead me on a number of rides, but I think I'll take it easy as the thought of ripping my wound open, or even flooding it in sweat, do not sound like fun options at the moment.

Cool thing about the drive up to WV - we got The Hobbit on cd... hell yes!

Blogger silence for a few days.  Maybe see you at the end of the week, maybe see you next week.  Either way, have fun and shred some trails.

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