Wednesday, August 1, 2012

it is (un)official!!

Yesterday I had a job interview, and about an hour after I got home from said interview I got a call from HR informing me that I was "recommended for the job" and that I was now in the "pre-hire process."  I wasn't expecting to hear anything until Friday, as that was when they said their decision would be made and HR would contact the chosen candidate...  SWEET!!  Basically, as long as everything is in order and checks out (which it should) then I've got a job.

I'll keep the details to a minimum and stop there so as not to jinx it... but I'm feeling great!!

But wait, it only gets better.

There is some sweet trail less than 2 miles away!!  I haven't hit it yet, but be sure it will be a regularity toot sweet.
11-12 miles of goodness
School down here starts soon!!  Teachers are in on the 14th, students on the 27th.  It's time to get things going!!

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