Friday, July 20, 2012

Hate forgetting my heart rate monitor

SO, the question was what I was going to do yesterday during the day before meeting Sean for a ride after work (his work - I just sit around all day).  Well, the ladies of the house decided they wanted to go out for breakfast and invited me.  I was skeptical, but after looking at the menu decided a western omelet would be much better than my previously planned breakfast - OJ and a banana.

Breakfast was indeed good, but then I was of course roped into stopping at a few stores.  Damnit - couldn't get away clean with just breakfast.  It wasn't that bad, I got some jack cheese stuffed olives for my fancy pants martini's out of it.  Which I wasn't able to enjoy yesterday because I forgot I was out of dry vermouth.  When I finally got back after that outing I did a little more on the job search front before heading out to Pee Wee's.

That's right, a trail called Pee Wee's!!

Not Mr. Herman.  It's a trail on private land that was started by this guy (Pee Wee) and is now maintained by PASA.  There is a $2 fee to ride, on the honor system.  Normally I'm not super jazzed about paying to ride but at least with this deal ALL proceeds go back into these very trails.  Plus, they had this sweet facility on site.

Electricity, running water, flush, stocked up with paper towels and toilet paper!!
I think this was the first trailhead to have such facilities.  Super sweet and unexpected.  Not that they were needed, but it's cool.  The trails themselves were pretty sweet, although I don't know what's up with the garmins.  The PASA site says the trails are 6 miles - I was getting 4.8+ per lap.  I guess it's struggling to pick up the mileage when things get so damn tight and twisty.

Pee Wee's had a bit of everything sans super technical stuff.  There were some dilapidated jumps and raised structures, but there were also some ready to use launches.  The trail was marked with arrows and bailout points every so often.  It was a pretty quick place.  Towards the end is where the tight twists came into play in the "Twisty Tunrey" area, aptly named.

They aren't joking with this sign
Zipping by my mind fixed the sign so I didn't notice the spelling until I came back for a picture.  This might be a joke.
Especially when you consider this is what you see when you twist your way back and find this on the opposite side of the SQUARL sign.  Don't cut through, continue on!!
When you wind your way to the back side of RIGHTY TIGHTY you run into another TIGHTER RIGHTY TIGHTY.  Seriously, this is no joke!
 I had forgotten my heart rate strap, so data is "incomplete."  Boo to that.  But overall it was a pretty fun ride - dodging thunderstorms and whatnot.  As we rolled into the parking lot the clouds got real dark.  We had to wait for 15 or so minutes to wait for a storm to blow by.  Just a little sprinkle, thunder and a bit of lightening in the distance.... but we got antsy and as it seemed to have passed we hit the trail.  The weather had cooled things off nicely and our first lap was sweet.  Hitting it on the second lap the heat was back and I was dripping by the end of the lap.

Not a bad place, tight turns, some short climbs, berms, and some nice flowy jumps, and a few short sections you can hammer.  A bit of everything.  There was also a sweet little covered pavilion area and of course plumbing.  Perfect set up for a race or organized ride of sorts.  Sean is talking about a Dild's Grill production of sorts.

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