Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Water - from the sky and in the lake

Yesterday Annie and I cruised around Charlotte some more - checking out neighborhoods and houses.  We stopped in for a late lunch at one of my new favorite places - Kickstand Burgers -n- Bar.  Place is sweet.  Great food, bike inspired decor, and of course a nice selection of beers.  By the time we got back to Denver the skies opened up and my thoughts of a ride were washed away.

Saturday we were scheduled to hit Lake Norman for an all day pontooning adventure!!  Bright an early I get a text (from downstairs) ... conversation as follows:

Road ride now?
a quick 20 miler
Damnit.  Sure

It was a fun spin - kinda cool, kinda not at all.  It was muggy as all hell, just felt heavy.  But the ride was good.  It was a quickie.  But the burned calories were much needed as they would be quickly overtaken by the pulled pork that evening, the junk food on the boat, and the beers all the way through.

The lake was awesome for sure.  I got plenty of sun and swam a bunch.
"Gangsta" pose with my John Deere hat

The sun certainly took it out of me as I was sluggish for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday we had a tentative plan to hit up the trails at Lake Norman, but our out of town guest had to hit the road and previously mentioned "sluggishness" got the better of us.  Instead we hit up some open houses.  In Boston the open houses were typically anywhere from 11-2, or there abouts.  In Charlotte, the earliest started at 2 and the range was from about 2-5.  Got to account for that church thing that rules  around here.  Don't get me wrong, no religion bashing here.  Just a cultural change to have church impact so many other things - open houses later, businesses closed on Sundays, etc.  On the other hand, I am originally from the home of the blue laws, so I get it... sorta.

Today, with the deluge of water falling yesterday, trail rides are probably out.  So if things hold off I'll be hitting the pavement when Sean gets out of work.  This weekend we may be heading out of town to check out some of the mountain trails in the surrounding areas... perhaps Warrior Creek??

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  1. Kickstand is one of my favorite places to eat around here. Glad you're getting around to see the sights.