Wednesday, July 18, 2012

road riding insomniac

Monday the "vacation" was over and it was time to get down to the business at hand - finding a jobby job.

I got the ball rolling on getting my licensure down here in NC - oh the rigmarole of bureaucracy.  Request a duplicate copy of my Massachusetts certification, request official test results from the Praxis(which I took down in Georgia years ago), fill out some paperwork and send it all in nicely packaged with a wad of money.  In 10ish business days that should be complete... at least on my end.  Who knows how long it will take the state of NC to process everything - MA was STUPID slow with that stuff.

I decided that I'd branch out and start applying for Dean of Students positions at Middle and Elementary schools.  In grad school I did intern as a counselor at two elementary schools on top of my HS duties so I could conceivebly apply for a counselor position at an elementary school but there is NO WAY I want to step into a middle school as a counselor... we won't even go there.  What would a Dean do at an elementary school you ask?  I ask as well.  It appears to be new, so that will be my first question if I'm contacted about any of those positions - what do YOU see this role being at your school?

Every now and again I don't sleep for a night.  Monday night was one of those nights... I'm feeling it was mostly brought by the job search... so of course through the night I searched some more after exhausting my opportunities with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system.  I found a couple agencies that mirrored some of my past experiences, so having those in my back pocket as back ups should ease the mind.

Eventually I fell asleep a bit after 7am and got a nice little nap until about 11am.  Got up, drank some coffee (which I NEVER do due to the fact that that much caffeine makes me go MENTAL) to ensure that I wouldn't sleep during the day and hopefully get back on a normal sleep pattern.  I was also preparing for a road ride when Sean got off work.

We went out for a nondescript ride of unknown length - tbd en route.  We opted for the 30ish mile option which was nice.  Pace was great... hot of course - with some random magical cool "breezes" thrown in.

There is a group ride tonight put on by the LBS here that I may join in on to get some experience riding the roads in a group.  I'll likely start with the slow group - which may end up being frustrating but I figure it will be easier to ease into riding in a line with a bunch of other riders that way. But I say MAY because of course I'd rather be hitting the dirt... so we'll see what wins out.

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