Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Ring can BITE me!!


I think it's time I took that bitch off and hucked it into a nearby river sewer grate.  It's somewhat fitting that it reared it injurious teeth again today.  See, it was the teeth of the big ring on the HiFi that initially led (helped at least) to the moniker "snakebite."  Saturday evening I was thinking that Eastwood is just fine, I don't need the snakebite nickname.  Legitimately, the night before the ride I was thinking of nixing snakebite.

Fast forward to yesterdays ride.  Not a mile into the singletrack and Sean loses a bottle in the trail.  I shout to him and stop to grab the bottle.  I'm standing in the trail, bike leaning on my leg and I bend forward to pick up the bottle.  Bike slips down my leg, teeth of the big ring SOMEHOW slice down the outside of my leg above the ankle.  FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU (you know the rest).  I look, nothing.  A little scratch.  Then, blood gush commences.  A horrible thought flashes across my brain - ride ending injury?  No.  I won't let that be the truth.  I watch it.  No spurting.  Pick up the HiFi and push forward to give Sean his bottle back.  The pain isn't really noticeable and I try to forget about it.

The pain doesn't set in until after the ride.  The shower sucked and I gingerly cleaned it... without looking directly into the wound.  I uploaded the video that was shot before the skies opened up and drowned us with less than 2 miles left in the ride.  A mile or so down the trail after the injury we paused and I pulled my helmet off to capture the injury - figured it would make for a good cut scene in the action.

I thought I was going to puke when I saw it.

Damnit, does that need stitches?  I dunno.  But the Emergency Room is the last place I wanted to be sitting on a Sunday evening.  I could close it pretty easily with very little pressure so Annie ran out to get some butterfly bandages to see if that would do the job.  What's one more scare on a leg terrorized by pitiful big ring bites?

How were the trails?  Due to rain we only got through Warrior Creek - didn't get to play on Dark Mountain.  But I'll get into the trails tomorrow.  Right now we have to see about this wound.  I will say this, on the day that my New England brethren were taking on the Boneyard I was on what can only be considered the furthest thing from it... super hard packed, bermed, "rail that roller coaster" of a trail.  So, although I didn't feel the pain of the race, I felt my own pain - in honor of the Boneyard!*
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*Sounds much better than a big ring biting you while picking up an ejected water bottle....

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  1. I think I have a bash ring somewhere if you want to put it on in place of that big ring. You can have it no charge.