Wednesday, February 1, 2012

mmmmhhhmmmm I like it

Last night I kicked my own ass on the trainer.  I must admit, motivation was on the low side to get my ass in gear and ride, but I did it.  And I pushed it - week 3 on my training video - and I felt great.  I gave it my all and pushed through burning muscles and finished in one piece.  I was thinking today my legs would be hurting, but so far so good.

Which is great, because for some crazy reason it's going to hit the upper 50s today!!  Ok, maybe 52... but it's good enough for me!!  So I strapped the HiFi to the pterodactyl this morning for an after work ride.  Not sure where I'm riding yet, but somewhere local to work so I can get to the trail fast, rip it up, and get home to let the puppies out since Annie isn't around.

Third bit of news.  I found my winter gloves! 

My original riding gloves were some winter (mild) gloves that I wore all year round - which made for some foul smelling gloves.  So foul that I had to store them in the roof container of the pterodactyl... which I forgot about since my new gloves....  Today, as I was getting ready I thought to myself... "there is no way I threw them out."  So as I was loading up I hoped up on the running board and check the roof rack - sure enough they were in there.  I will now be able to make it through the rest of the "winter" season without worrying about frozen digits.  PSYCHED!

I can't say I'm 100% in a training routine yet... but I'm getting there.  Diet is the final big hurdle... I just discovered Narragansett beer the other day at a local establishment... and then ran into a case at the packie by work... and let me tell you, they go down smooth and FAST!!  Not the best combo for training. 

But all in all my legs are feeling great - although the trainer might be a bit boring, my legs are fresh and ready to go once I hit the trail, and I'm happy to oblige.

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  1. 'Gany is awesome! I think the Porter rivals Deans Beans! Looking for the Bock and Cream Ale.