Thursday, February 2, 2012

Frustration Station

We've entered frustration station over here... so I present to you a list of (random) questions to blow off some steam.

- Why do "exploratory" rides seem much longer than they actual are (mile wise)? (Positive, I think I found a sweet place to ride - more exploration is necessary as it got dark, quick)

- Why is it when you are excited all day about the post work ride things run late and you get to the trailhead over an hour after you had anticipated?

- Why the F was my front tire completely flat by the time I got home? (although I guess that is a blessing in disguise... it didn't go flat on the trail and leave me stranded, so I guess a mystery flat once home isn't soooo bad, just annoying!)

- Since when do water bottles look appetizing to dogs?

- How is it possibly for dogs to get a clipped pretzel bag open and snack on them without any damage to the bag?

And lastly... I'll preface this... I was watching some show on the Food Network - Rachel Ray Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook Off and I was left with this VERY IMPORTANT question.

What the FUCK is going on with Coolio??

And one last thing...  As I was watching TV I felt a little crawly on my leg (Annie isn't home so I don't have to directly jump into the shower after a ride) and of course I find a damn tick rummaging around... I freak and tweak the bastard... now I can't find him!!  BUGGER!

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