Thursday, February 16, 2012

...and found

I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting for my weigh in results, like a suspense filled "Biggest Loser" reveal...

2 pounds.  May not sound like a lot, but I'm pretty damn psyched that I lost 2 pounds considering the dinner at Mistral (a weak, quick, rough estimate puts me over 2000 calories in that meal alone).  (and, of course, the beer or Jameson here or there when I had "extra" calories)...

So the plan is good.  With the riding and gym time, weight should continue to come off.  I'll be a tiny little racer before you know it!!  That's a lie.  But I'll be a smaller Eastwood racer for this season.  That's a truth.  Hopefully smaller, and stronger.  A dangerous combo.

High 40s today, and rain holding off until the evening.  Riding!!  I need it.  We have a break next week, which is sweet, but it's already been a long week.  And last week was horribly long and tiresome... So a ride after work today will be much appreciated.

Now the only decision is do I go back to Noanet/Hale to explore a bit more, and possibly start putting together a nice loop, or go back to Upton to explore some more???  decisions decisions.  I may be leaning towards Noanet/Hale for the moment as I think I'd be able to get more miles out of it... lately my rides have been exploratory and/or cut short with fading light... so I feel like I need to start getting some longer rides in.  Maybe this weekend I'll get back to Wompy and get a 20+ ride in.

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