Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And the scale says...

I'm scared to weigh in at the gym today...

So I started monitoring my intake (caloric wise) and so far things have been pretty good.  When I started last Monday I didn't weight myself to start, instead I used my last known weight from a visit to the gym on February 2nd.  When I weighed myself at the gym last Wednesday I was 4 pounds under that weight!!  Which is great, but certainly not a true indication that I actually lost 4 pounds between starting the diet and the weigh in.... so I'll use last weeks weigh in as my starting weight.

Either way, that's 4 pounds under where I thought I was!  Ok, so today I will weigh in when I hit the gym for my leg day. Why am I worried you ask??  Well, on Monday Annie and I went to our favorite restaurant, Mistral, for a little "pre-Valentine's" (aka couldn't get a reservation for last night) dinner.  The food was amazing!!  So I just enjoyed it.  I undoubtedly went WAY over my allotted calories for the day yesterday.  It was a great dinner with my beautiful wife... I'll take a lose (or the opposite of that in terms of the weight game) - it was worth it.

The great thing about the plan I'm on is that I'm not feeling super constricted as to what I eat.  Sure, I have to watch portions, not go for seconds, but by no means am I starving.  Portion control has always been my downfall... if it's on my plate I have to eat it... and then when Annie has leftovers - well can't let food go to waste!!  But the beauty of this plan is that I have these little numbers looking over my shoulder to keep me in check.  And I like it!

hmmm do you really need that??

I'd also like to give a shout out to Charlie...  seeing as you are a real deal coach now and all, I feel like I owe you one for the motivation to get on the trainer yesterday (it was especially needed after that dinner on Monday).  I owe you a post race beer/coke/beverage of your choice this season.

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