Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ugh... Monday (but now it's TUESDAY!)

So Annie is out of town... I'll post up a little something in her absence.

Last week I talked about getting all involved and whatnot with the local NEMBA chapter, and Monday was that time... well part of that time.  A time I almost forgot...  I was busy getting all frustrated with the garmins.  I don't know what is up with it, I seem to consistently get longer distances than is reality - and I only know this due to races...  Weird.  So I was all google boarding (I don't like web surfing) trying to see if anyone else had any issues similar to mine.... but alas, I've screwed thing up in my own unique fashion.  You'd think errors would be on the short side, but somehow I go longer...  It is annoying to say the least.  So I gave up with the computer searching and decided to ditch the prescribed wheel circumference I have entered into the 500 and I finally did a real deal rollout to measure my wheel, at my pressure, with me on the bike... and it turned out that indeed my wheel circumference entered in the garmins was higher... I don't know if the difference was large enough to account for the miscalculated distances... but we'll see.

So that should have been a quick, not so annoying fix, right?  WRONG!  Looking over my race data I noticed my cadence was in and out... the cadence sensor johnny slide down the crank so the magnet wasn't hitting the sensor at various times on the course so I started to remedy the situation.  Then I thought, maybe I should just take the damn this off and let gps determine my distance and speed and be done with this mess.... so I took it all off....  Then I thought, well speed and distance should be more accurate with the sensor (if correctly calibrated) and looked to put the junk back on... and that's when I noticed the time.  CRAPTASTIC!

Dropped the nonsense and took off for Medford... old school style - that's right, directions written on a post it note (Annie has the vehicular garmins in LA).

The chapter meeting was held at JRA Cycles.  Man that place was packed full of goodies.  I didn't investigate thoroughly at all (I really should have) but it looked like they had some sweet ass rigs in there - I caught glimpses of some Niners... oooohhhhh, aaahhhhhh!

So anyway, I was glad to be at the meeting, but a little "disappointed" at the turnout.  I have no idea how many people usually come... so maybe this is the usual crowd, but there were only a hand full of us there - and I was certainly the new kid on the block.  With such an important meeting coming up - WEDNESDAY (the other part of my involvement) regarding access to local trails I had hoped for a big turn out.  As I mentioned last week, which was confirmed at the meeting, a lot of people have been burned out by decades of battling with the DCR and their inability to take control of their own land and not be swayed by a select few interest groups.  Let's just hope there is a greater presence at the DCR's presentation of their new plan.... and of course that in that plan there is good news for us mountain bikers.

So, I'm not sure if I have any readers in the Boston area... or Massachusetts for that matter... but if you are out there, and you are reading this... get your ass the the McGlynn School in Medford on Wednesday at 6:30pm.  More info here.

I apologize right now, but did you think you'd get away clean after I wrote that I was the "new kid on the block?"  Come on... it's horribly amazing... HOLY F!!

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