Thursday, September 15, 2011

Settle down there

Attended the DCR's presentation of their Resource Management Plan last night.  Got a sneak peak, the full version will be up at some point today - check it out... it's long... section 4 is where the important stuff is at.

Honesty...  I was underwhelmed at the turnout - in general.  I was initially underwhelmed at the turnout from NEMBA/mountain biking community.  But when I saw the overall turnout I'd say we were probably best represented from any one interest group... so I guess it evens out.  Again, I'm new to this whole scene, so maybe I'm all "bright lights, big city" dreamin, maybe this is the deal.

From the presentation I'd say there is hope.  It's not a "free for all" for mountain bikers, nor should it be if we want to be fair and equitable.  But mentioning the addition of new mountain bike accessible singletrack is definitely a step in the right direction.  Yet the step was smaller than had been hinted in the past, and not as much as NEMBA had been hoping... but again, this was a sneak peek summary meeting. Have to read up and see what the deal is.  I'm new, I'm still hopeful.

The "entertainment" for the night was provided by one member of the Friends of the Fells.  I don't want to bash the group as a whole, that is certainly not my intention... but man they really need to reel this guy in.  Other members were much more diplomatic, calling for cooperation... might have been a song and dance, but that's politics.  This guy, on the other hand, started attacking the DCR's study in the middle of the presentation... way to start on the right foot there guy.  When it was his chance to speak he starts calling into question the specific study noted in the presentation... NO SPECIFIC STUDY WAS NOTED IN THE PRESENTATION!  Again, it was a quick summary presentation.  Dude man was off his rocker.  Angry, angry man.  It was sad and comical at the same time.  I think a rogue mountain biker must have stolen his child or something - Leonard Smalls style

The meeting went long so I didn't hang around to speak with the GBNEMBA contingent present as I wanted to get back to the puppies.  And good thing I did.  As I was walking up the sidewalk the dogs were going nuts at the window (I checked Annie, no damage, the new window withstood a brutal attack by Maggie, and the sill guard you installed worked flawlessly) because an opossum was headed my way. It turned and hightailed it when it saw me.

But yeah.  I'd say the best thing we can do is to work with the DCR in the development of any new singletrack open for mountain bike use to ensure maximum flow and sustainability.  Create a great union now - save them some time and money by getting in and doing the work - and hopefully open up more access moving forward.  I'm new (theme here) and maybe this has all been offered in the past, but the door is opening, let's help widen the gap.  I'd be down for even representing GBNEMBA in "all interest" group to help smooth out some relationship with the other users of the park.... unlike other parks we won't be able to use the "Friends of" moniker since it's been aligned with a group who, historically, has been against bikers... I'm thinking "Citizens of the Fells."

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