Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Holy Nonsense Batman!!

So I was going to put out on last all points bulletin for the DCR presentation of their study...  but I have to comment on something else instead.

I'm big supporter of  It's a site I've used heavily as I've gotten back into riding for info, finding trails, reviewing gear, etc.  All around it's been a great site.  Great people, super helpful, and not a lot of idiots being idiots you run across on other sites.

Today I witnessed the worst nonsense bickering I've ever seen on there, and it saddened me...

Don't know if you've heard of this guy or not, but James, from has little videos of exercises for us mountain bikers to use to improve our strength for riding.  Great idea.  I've looked over a couple things - far from an expert on him or his site - and I thought it was all good stuff.  

I was psyched when he appeared on the blog on singletracks - a site I love and respect put this guy on, add another point to his total score.  So today he had another post on there.  Cool!  A site member makes a comment to his blog.  Doesn't call his post or theory bull, just states what he learned back in the day.  And then James comes back and totally losses it on this guy.  It was nuts.  Not sure if he was overly defensive or what, but it was an absolute train wreck.  

I had to throw my two cents in the comment discussion cause it really just disrupted my whole day.  And then I had to share it here.  
Thing is, it's a freakin blog.  
On a site full of riders.  
We all have our own preferences.  

We are a group of misfit bandits.  I mean, isn't that why Dicky is... Dicky??

I don't hate on Charlie every time I see him because he loves riding a rigid singlespeed.  That's his thing!!  That's part of what makes him a cool guy.  But bottom line, he's got his school of thought (which I think goes something like this... I like going fast, but I like to get beat to hell while doing it - rigid it is!!) and I've got mine (I like to ride, I want to go fast, but squishy is comfortable!!) and we get along just fine.  So there is no reason to battle over a theory on the best way to pedal.  Plus, I don't think a guy with the name "fat_billy" is really trying to go pro any day soon.  From what I can gather from many posting I've seen from him, he's a light hearted guy out to have fun and share his two cents from time to time.  Isn't the idea of web communities and forums to share ideas and see different perspectives??

Can't we all just get along??


  1. For the record I don't like getting beat to hell (well maybe just a little).

    On the subject of pedaling circles, it is impossible. The theory of pedaling circles is to prevent you pedal stroke form being choppy. I visualize my feet traveling around the circumference of a drum when I actually think about pedaling circle. Usually I just pedal.

  2. Pedaling is one of those things that you kinda just do... it's strange when you focus and realize what you are doing with each leg during a stroke... I just pedal and go... if I'm going I figure something is working!!