Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 things

1. I may or may not get to ride this week.
On Friday we are heading down to CT after work to go out to dinner with Michael's parents. Then we will be getting up early (not really) to get registered and lined up for our 12pm heat at the Rugged Maniac race in Southwick, MA. I'm extremely pumped to see how far I can make it on the 5K course containing multiple obstacles, one which includes running up and down the sandy jumps of a motor cross course, not to mention, a belly crawl under barbwire through mud. I'm ready to get dirty!

However, biking doesn't seem like that much of a possibility for the weekend. Even if I was up for it on Sunday after getting my ass handed to me on Saturday; I won't be home. My boss is taking all of us to Six Flags in Springfield to celebrate a kick-ass second quarter. Therefore, my best shot at riding would be after work tomorrow (today...since you are reading this on Wednesday), or Thursday. It could happen if the weather would stop being so damn depressing. Rainy and 55 degrees mid September? I'll pass.

2. I may or may not have gained 4lbs during my trip to LA.

It seems those morning waffles and lattes may be my weight gaining secret weapon! The reason I'm not sure is because I've weighed myself twice since getting home and the first time I was 5lbs over my usual while the second rang in at 3lbs over. I'm deciding to split the difference and declare myself a 4lb winner! It makes me wonder how completely unhappy and horrific it would be to be an actress though. If those waffles can make ME gain weight, I wonder what they would do to a normal metabolism. Those poor girls. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

3. I may or may not be drinking watermelon mojitos in my pajamas with my hair on top of my head.


Oh well, watcha gonna do.

That is all.


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