Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Quick Update:

Maggie is good.  No infection (my big worry) and no more bleeding - which means a clean cleaner house.
Playing it up for the camera.
You say "ball" or "treat" and it's all - what bandage??
Due to the timing of her appointment (1:45) I didn't get out for a ride.  Well I guess I did... sort of.  Annie needed some official documents at work which she had forgotten at home (her license - official, I know!!).  See, here in the city we have street cleaning days... and when you have a spot on the legal side of the road you don't move your car!!  That being said, I didn't think the 3.85 mile round trip commute was going to kill me.

Tuesday the kids had the day off as we educators prepared for the school's 10 year review next year.  We have a bunch of inservice days this year to complete our self assessment... sounds like fun, eh?  I figured it would be a low key day - making it a ride day!  I wasn't sure what time we'd be done, so I grabbed my light before heading out the door.  Maybe I can stretch a ride out so i can test the light out for a bit??

Annie emails me and let's me know she forgot her keys at home and was hoping I'd be home before 6 so she could time her arrival at home and avoid sitting on the front steps to wait for me.  So no light testing...

BUT I did ride at a new, local to work, location.  Caryl Park/Noanet Woodlands.  It wasn't half bad.  Most of the riding was doubletrack/fire road type marked trails for families and horses.  So - nothing technical, no huge elevation changes.  But, the more I explored the more singletrack options I found.  I found a sweet length of singletrack going out into what felt like untouched woods.  Not sure if that was still part of the woodlands I was riding, but it was sweet!  Looking at my ride map it looks like there is plenty to explore in the are to the east.  So this spot definitely merits more exploration.

If I jumped onto the powerlines looks like I could head south for even more opportunities!!  Yippee!!

If you haven't seen this show before, you need to start watching it.  
If you've seen it before, well, you are welcome!


  1. If you like that you might like Louis CK as well.

  2. We do enjoy Louis! Although haven't seen anything from the new season...