Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why would I pay attention??

By now I should know not to pay attention to weather forecasts and the random percentages they throw out to signify the chance for rain.  I succumbed to the forecast and did not ride on Sunday... when I totally could have!!!  So that was a missed opportunity.

Monday there was no debate, it was WET!!

Today I'm heading to Connecticut to drop the dogs off at my parents as we are getting new windows put in the front of our condo tomorrow... depending on the weather as I'm leaving Boston I may bring a bike along to hit a trail on the way back... I'm not holding my breath on that one though.

As you may have noticed from Annie's post, we hit up Cutler on Saturday.  Thursday I also hit up Cutler as I waited for the HiFi (which you can see here).  Riding the 4300 it was evident that there is a BIG difference between riding a 26er and a 29er.  After riding the HiFi for so long, I guess I pretty much forgot how awesome big wheels are.  On small wheels things slow you down that you don't even have to pay attention to on big boy wheels.  Speed itself seems to be your friend on 29 inch wheels, always ready to give you a lift... whereas on little wheels it seems like you are chasing to catch up to that bastard speed, and the minute you coast he flips you off and leaves you behind.

BIG V. small

BUT, it was refreshing to ride the 4300 alone, to remind me just what the trail is like for Annie.  It helped recenter me, bring me back to where I started on the trails and feel how trail features are a totally different challenge to a beginner on 26 inch wheels compared to someone riding 29 inch wheels.  Once I got used to actually having to focus a little more on the navigation piece, I quite enjoyed railing Cutler on the small wheels!!

Signed up for my final race of the season.  At this point I don't know exactly what to expect, but I'm positive.  I've had fun racing this season.  Results haven't been jaw dropping, but it's a start...  This season is my baseline - where I fall with little/no focused training.  Hopefully I can pull things together, get focused during the off season, and come back with a solid season next year.

Either way I have to say racing is a good time.  The people are great!  It's nice to see familiar faces from race to race, and it's been great getting to meet some other riders out there.

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