Monday, August 22, 2011

It costs monies to ride

I've been looking into trainers for the winter - consulted with my Dild's grill teammate, and I'm feeling pretty confident with the decision to go with the Fluid2 from CycleOps.

Then comes the logistics as to where I'll be setting it up, which bike will be on it (getting a slick rear tire for said bike) and then setting up some sort of training regime.  I've bowed out from coaching this season so I can concentrate on being an athlete myself - let's see how that turns out.

But wait!!  Why am I preparing for the winter when there is still PLENTY of riding to be had???  Good question!!  So before I get into trainer mode I need to get into "night rider" mode... which is another mode I haven't accessed previously.  So on top of a hefty trainer purchase, I need to get a lighting system that will allow me to do some solid riding as the sun starts hiding from us.

I've looked a little and I'm thinking right now that a Light and Motion Stella 300 would be a good light to get me out there.  

Here's the deal.  I don't want a crap light that is going to make me go 3 mph out there.  But with the trainer purchase on the horizon (plus a new wheel set for the HiFi next season) I don't want to get killed with the bill either.... so I'm hoping something like the Stella 300 will be an adequate light to allow me to still get some solid riding out there in the darkness.  

So, let the honesty flow.  I know some of you must have some experience; so give me the good, the bad, and the high priced.

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  1. The Stella never got any good reviews back when I was looking for a light. I ended up getting the Solo Logic because it had some good features like three lighting levels and a warning that it was about to go out. I tested that feature out once on a very early morning ride, fortunately it was on a nearby rail trail so that when it did go out on me and I was left on a pitch black trail, at least it wasn't single track and being morning it only meant it was going to get lighter anyway so I kept riding.

    At NEMBA fest last year there was a rep with lighting demos but I can't think of the name. I would get one of those because they were insanely bright.