Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ugh... what does that mean???

Yesterday... had a "pre-year" workday.  Saw a couple graduates, met a new freshman, discussed curriculum (yes, even school counselors have to teach some classes), and am kinda looking forward to the start of the school year as I am generally interested in what my kiddies have been up to this summer.

More importantly, I did some trail exploration after work.  I was checking out the NEMBA "places to ride" section and found some trails close by work... so check them out I did!!  I wasn't expecting much as the mileage was low on the trails and it seemed like it would be an easy jaunt per trail description.  I hit the trail and thought... maybe it will be a fast ride.

The ride opened on a wide, smooth, gravel covered trail.  Soon I started coming across nice sized rocks littering the trail here and there... a climb or two, and finally some wandering singletrack to explore.  Overall a decent after work ride.

So... here's the question.  What does it mean when a deer "snorts" at you??
oh, he's in there
I'm cruising down the trail and I hear a snort.. the hell??  I turn and see a deer off in the woods (snort).  I stop up the trail, nothing.  I walk back - I'll get a picture of this bad boy!!  He looks at me cuiriously, stretching his neck to check me out.  Pull out the IPhone and snap a shot.  He just stares.  So I whistle... maybe that will get something??  Nope.  He snorts again, staring me down... well, he doesn't have antlers so I guess it wouldn't hurt THAT much if he charged.  I mean, I could probably get in a lucky punch to the eye before he gets to stomping me.  sooooo maybe I should leave?

For some unknown reason I sniffle... this spooks the HELL out of the deer, he turns and skedaddles like no one's business.  Seriously, deer can JUMP!!!

Did I mention climbing??
This came out shaky... prolly cause I was trying to keep my lungs on the INSIDE of my body...
pictures never do "steep" justice
check out the trail material...

shredded shingle!!

After a little hike-a-bike I was back on grinding to the top...
It was pretty.

Oh, and there was jumping - I was cruising down (prior to the killer climb) and this guy presented as the perfect launchpad!!

So, I guess it was a good ride
it's not riding without unexplained injuries!!

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  1. Same thing happened to me with a deer yesterday. I think he snorted at me because I wouldn't put out. All kidding aside, apparently deer snort when they are spooked.