Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Missed the early post because I slept last night.  Weird huh?  But I mean I slept from about 5:30 until, well... 15 minutes ago.  This is all due to the fact that I didn't sleep the previous night... but anyhow.

So the pterodactyl is in the shop... little cosmetic surgery for the big guy.  So what does that mean to all of you?  It means that riding opportunities are limited until I get the big bird/dinosaur  back.  The civic, with it's trailer hitch-less rear end, isn't going to be transporting bikes.

So here are the options for the week.  Street riding - which would include:
1. Charles River Ride (there is a small amount of singletrack as I head out of Boston - so the middle of that loop)
2. Umass Boston/Neponset River Ride, follows the awesome Trolley that hits out to the Central Ave T stop (there is a small stretch of dirt/sandy road through the more "marshy" area)

3. Cutler Commute
4. Fells Commute
5. and/or I could tool around the streets (literally) of Boston

Today (after dropping Annie off at work and eating something) I will be..... decision time..... hitting the Cutler Commute.

Likely it will be a trade between Cutler and Fells this week... I save routes 1 and 2 for horrible winter weather mostly.  And 5... well that rarely happens, usually only when I'm feeling the photography itch and need to get out and - take pictures!

check it out, the 4300!!

So Cutler it is.  Going to be a week of solid miles (albeit road miles).

...need to live closer to trails...

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