Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad Timing and Suri

Because of my job being in the middle of downtown Boston and having the unfortunate, yet completely normal, hours of 9-5pm, I hardly get to bike during the week. As stated in previous posts, it takes a solid 20 minutes to get to the closest place to mountain bike from where we live AND that's if there's no traffic. Unfortunately before 9am M-F the roads are parking lots, so even if I could get out to a place to ride early in the morning, the chance of me getting back into Boston before I need to be at work is completely impossible. Then after work we end up with the opposite problem; takes a little over an hour to get to a place to ride then we don't make it home til 9pm (not how I want to spend my evening).

So I can only really ride on weekends. From those weekends, we need to subtract the times that we are out of town. So far this summer I have spent a weekend in Austin, three weekends in Connecticut and a weekend in Florida. Also we need to slice away the rainy weekends, which is an additional two. Round that out with an out of town wedding weekend, and we are left with only EIGHT weekends during the months of June, July, August and September to ride. The good weather isn't good for long enough in New England.

There seems to be only a couple solutions to this problem.
One: Don't travel. (nope)
Two: Get a road bike. (maybe)
Three: Move somewhere with better weather. (also a contender).

Michael isn't too jazzed about me maybe wanting a road bike. And to be honest, we wouldn't have anywhere to put a road bike if I did get one so it really isn't an option. So moving to a place that has a larger number of nicer weekends (note: it's above 60 degrees nine months out of the year in Charlotte) seems to be the only solution. Of course I guess I could just suck it up and ride in colder weather or just deal with getting home super late during the work week to get a few extra rides in. I don't know.

But what I do know is that while I'm sitting around calculating reasons why I don't ride as often as I like, I still have time to work out -- which I have been doing on a consistent basis since Michael created my workout plan.

The other thing I've been doing on a consistent basis is checking in on my new favorite blog: Suri's Burn Book. Someone decided that pretending to be Suri Cruise blogging about how stupid other celebrity babies look, dress, and act would be hilarious. Someone was right.

This one's my favorite:

Yesterday, Denise Richards threw a baby shower for her newly adopted daughter, Eloise. Which basically means she threw a shower for herself. She invited her friends to a hotel party with explicit instructions to bring a gift. For her third kid.

It’s so tacky I can barely breathe.

Say what you want about my mother, but that bitch has manners. She didn’t even have a shower. You know why? Because baby showers are for poor people.



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