Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Night

So I'm doing it.

I'm finally jumping in on the group ride put on by GBNEMBA over at Burlington Landlocked Forest.  I've been wanting to get in on a regular group ride since... well the beginning of this season.  Since I got back into mountain biking I've been riding on my own - well, with the occasional ride in strange places with Mongo, and now my rides with Annie - but for the most part I've been tackling trails solo.

Riding solo can only get you so far... because you will inevitably keep getting in your own way.  The fears creep in and keep you from trying that technical section.  The legs asking to go home - and when alone there is no escaping their cries - leaving you incapable of mustering enough willpower to stay out for a few extra miles.  Missing the unknown trails for many rides until you accidentally stumble upon them...

Riding with others (hopefully stronger riders) lets you see that the scary rock in the trail isn't so scary and can truly be conquered.  It helps you pick up your pace (and keep it up) instead of sitting back and coasting when you feel a little tired.  It introduces you to new features, better routes, or better lines for that matter.  So, a few days before my next race, I'll be finally jumping in on a group ride tonight.

Thom P. has been frequenting the ride lately and his little videos got me itching to get back over to LLF.  I haven't ridden there in a bit, but I've always enjoyed it.  And from his video, there are sections I must have missed in previous visits.  So I'm excited to explore.  I won't be riding with Thom P. and the speed demons, but it will be fun nonetheless.

Side note.  I've ordered myself a product that has been pimped by Dicky, and I'm hoping it will be here in time for the race.  No biggie if it's not, it isn't vital to bike performance... but it would be nice to get a "racier" race set up going on... or at least one step closer to that.  The actual reason isn't so much race inspired as it is practicality laziness on my part.  It would be nice to be able to bundle a 26er tube on the 4300 so I don't have to worry about checking tubes and digging out the right one when I jump from the HiFi to the 4300 to ride with Annie... but on the race tip - I did get a sweet orange strap for the HiFi.

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