Thursday, August 7, 2014


Alright, it's 6:00 AM... that means I am picking up Zach and we are headed north... for about 13 hours.  Cranking out a big day on the road today so that we can break up the day tomorrow with a ride before getting up to the hotel.

Today I will leave you with a video from where we will be riding on Friday... Marquette South Trails.  Looks like w eight be having a bit of fun.

After our ride we push on to the hotel - couldn't get a refund after hearing Danger and Tonyan had us covered... but we might be able to get up with them anyway if we get up there early enough.  They are having their own adventure - shipped their bikes, flew up to Chicago and hopped a small plane up to Houghton - from there they ride to Copper Harbor!!  I'm sure they are having a blast. 

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