Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm not dead...

Hey there!

I'm still around... just not biking.  Figured I'd give a quick update as to where I stand physically.

My chest/ribs are steadily getting better.  I'm feeling like I could probably handle riding breathing wise at this point.  The deep breathing/laughing/coughing/sneezing issue has moved from excruciating pain to an annoying "burn," so I can deal.

My shoulder... if you asked me 3 days ago - it was getting worse.  This morning though... I've noticed an increase in my range of motion.  Pain is still there, but I can actually lift my arm higher and reach around my body further - so that is a positive... slow positive... but movement in the right direction.

I'm afraid that I'll still be off the trails for a while more, but I'm hopeful that I can at least get on skinny tires and hit the pavement... and maybe even gravel??  But I'll start slow and start hitting the trainer -FUN!

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