Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let's catch up

So during my blogging hiatus I didn't get in to as many biking adventures as I had hoped to.  Makes sense really.

But, to catch you up to speed we'll have a bit of show and tell.

I got some cool news from singletracks.com - I was chosen to be part of their Trail Team!!  They sent me a sweet package of all things singletracks (t-shirt, stickers, pen, and 3 premium memberships) - I may do some sort of giveaway in the future here, so keep an eye out for that.

Singletracks.com helped me get back into biking.  As a resource it helped me find trails local to me, and even allowed me to share trails that I knew of with others.  Having trails listed by users, with photos, maps, and actual user ratings of the trails is so vital to finding the next great trail.  It's super handy especially when you are visiting a new area - it can help you determine which trails are a must ride, and which you might want to skip if time is short.  Also, the forum over there is great!  It's filled with helpful people having pretty civil conversations - we all know how biking forums can quickly get out of hand on some sites ; )  Anyway, singletracks picked myself and 25 other individuals from around the country and the world to help continue the singletracks mission.  

Then my boy D-Wayne sent me a little something something in the mail.

The first is completely true, the second... am I there yet?

Sweet sketch on the back of the envelope - I think that would make a sweet jersey, don't you?


And of course, this picture is blurry - but it was the reason for the delivery
I picked up some Glow Worm stickers from Dwayne, and he showered me with glorious extras.  The sticker is amazing!!  Not only looks kickass, but that thing is legit.  Won't have to worry about it getting beat up or peeling prematurely.

Then it was time to replace some equipment that needed replacing.  GLOVES!!  I finally got a new pair of gloves.  

I haven't tested them out yet, but they fit great in the store and feel like a pretty good replacement.  My only concern is they don't seem to be as vented as my last pair... so we'll see how hot they are once I start tearing up the trails again.  I guess SSUSA will be their first big test.

Yeah, I'm still going... that drive is not going to be fun.  But hopefully the riding will make up for it... if riding can make up for 40 hours of driving in a very small window.

I picked up some new riding glasses.  My mountain bike glasses were beat all to hell, it was time for an upgrade so I grabbed a pair of Jawbones on mad sale... Annie helped me with the color scheme - they match my shoes, ha ha.

Just yesterday the I got a new jersey in the mail.  I picked it up from Hill Killer, they have some cool stuff, check them out.  The jersey fits well and looks cool as hell.  A lot of extra detail in there that I wasn't expecting - like the Boston skyline on the rear pockets and the sleeve designs of a shamrock and the actual Boston city seal.  Neat.

And then my brother got me this cool t-shirt... cause you know, cycling and doping!

Live Rong
So there is some stuff I've acquired while not riding a whole bunch...

Like I mentioned, I'm headed up to SSUSA very shortly, but I guess I'll get into that tomorrow - before I'm on the road.

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