Monday, August 4, 2014

Hi there

I guess I'm back.

So my hiatus was longer than predicted, but it was for a good reason.  The week before I was to start my Appalachian adventure we found out that Maggie's lungs were riddled with cancer.  Possibly the worst news I've ever received.  Ever.

I acquired Maggie one day as my girlfriend (at the time) and I were headed to the Starbucks in Athens Georgia.  Outside the Starbucks was a couple with a box of 8 week old puppies.  Apparently their two dogs had unknowingly gotten together and they had a litter on their hands that they were not ready to take care of.  Being in school and living in an apartment I was in no way ready for a puppy... but we all know how that goes... I ended up leaving with the chillest pure black puppy they had (the father was a black lab and the mother was a white boxer).

Chill would not be the first word that would come to anyone's mind who had met Maggie.  She wasn't super hyper, but she was very friendly and was ALWAYS looking to play ball.  If you showed her that you were able to throw a ball, you were her new best friend.  Once Maggie start chasing a ball, there was no off switch.

When she was a puppy I was often apologizing to the other dog park goers for the fact that Maggie was beating all the other dogs to their balls.  Her determination can be summed up in the instance where Maggie swam across the pond with 2 balls in her mouth pushing a third that she couldn't quite fit in her mouth.  She was nuts!!

Maggie would never stop.  Never.  One time I was throwing the tennis ball and another dog wanted to play... not with the ball, but with Maggie.  Maggie had no interest in the other dog as she was focus on chasing the ball, so this other dog barreled into Maggie.  There was a yelp, which I assumed was from the other dog because it appeared Maggie had kicked it in the head with her rear leg as she kept on after the ball.  As she turned, ball in mouth, I saw a bright red squared appear over her left shoulder (Maggie was completely jet back).  I called her to me, but at this time she was still noncompliant with completely returning a ball.  But even at a distance I could tell that she had a gash on her side.  Maggie, however, hadn't slowed or shown any sign of injury.  She was ready to go for another toss.    The owner of the other dog came over and apologized; the other dog had a choke collar on and when it collided with Maggie the sharp side turned out and slice Maggie open. The owner offered to pay for damages... but I was more concerned with getting Maggie back to the car so I could take her to the vet since she didn't seem to recognize that she was injured.  I had to play a game of ball with her to get her moving back toward the car so I could get her to the hospital.

Maggie has even torn her ACL (probably both) while playing.  She has come up sore, and even limping - but continued to want to play.  We had to take her to the vet to get her repaired as she would never complain - instead she would rather run on three legs to retrieve her tennis ball.

Those who have met her would also say that she was super expressive.

Maggie knew well over 70 words (wether commands or names of her toys, and was quick to respond to either).  Her favorite was "Baby Parties" which never happened, but seemed to be as intriguing to her as it was to us.  Her expressiveness even won over even those who weren't fans of dogs.

She was able to pass on some great traits to her little "sister" Scout - such as watching for the mailman.

And as tough as it is to lose such an amazing dog, I worry about Scout.  When Annie came in to the picture Maggie wasn't super thrilled.  She would always find her way in between use and muscle Annie out of the way in the beginning.  Soon, things turned around and Maggie accepted Annie.

Even if it was just as a pillow ; )

And then came Scout.  Luckily there were zero issues there.  Maggie quickly took to Scout, even nosing her up onto the couch when Scout couldn't quite make it there her herself.  They were best friends forever.

Maggie has been with me from Athens, GA - South Windsor, CT - Boston, MA - Charlotte, NC.  From single to married.  From dumbass to... well...

I don't know that I've ever known a dog like Maggie.  I don't know that I ever will.  But I am so honored that I had her with me for the time I did.  It's weird, but she made me a better person.  It sucks so much to lose her.

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